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Homes built with sub areas (crawl space or basement) should have the foundation inspected. Foundations can be compromised from many different sources such as seismic activity, water intrusion, dry rot, termite ect.

Mold testing is recommended for older homes that have experienced roof or
plumbing leaks. Pictures below are actual mold infestations caused by water intrusion.

Termite inspections are recommended for older homes in the Southern California areas. See pictures below of actual termite infestation and damage.

Asbestos testing is recommended for older homes to identify potential health hazards.
Pictures below are samples of asbestos materials found in homes

Sewer camera line assessment/video inspections are recommended for older homes
to identify possible sewer line problems caused by seismic activity or tree roots.
Pictures below are samples of sewer problems found by video camera inspection.

Clean Air Quality can be improved by testing for air-borne particles that may have accumulated
in the HVAC air duct system. Poor Air Quality is usually a maintenace related condition.

Water pressure over 60lbs. may cause valve stems to leak and other plumbing problems
related to dish washers, washing machines and other appliances that rely on water resources.

Homes build pre 1978 are subject to the Lead Based Paint Federal EPA/RRP safety regulations. Household dust containing lead from deteriorating or disturbed lead based paint is the most common caused of lead poisoning.

Water Supply lines located under slab foundations, drive ways, patios, ect. may leak undetected.

    Infrared Inspections allows the ability to observe water intrusion behind finished walls and ceilings.    

Chimney and Fireplace Inpspection. A level 1 video camera inspection of the fireplace and chimeny is recommneded on holder homes.

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